Thank you to everyone who participated in this years prestigious ITBAA.

The Results are as follows
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CLASS 1 Traditional Teddy Bear – undressed – up to 20”
C1 1 2016r C1 2 2016r C1 3 2016r
 Amanda Blinko (Blinko Bears)  Lanie Edwards-Murphy (Arctophilia by Lanie Edwards Murphy)  Michelle Doig (Padfield Bears)



CLASS 2 Needle Felted Bunny – undressed – up to 6” excluding ears
This Class Was Undersubscribed  



Follow Teddy Bear Pattern supplied by Mohair Bear Making Supplies "Construct one single bear to the very best of your ability using the Mohair Bear Making Supplies teddy bear pattern 'Buddy & Nibbs' "

C3 1 2016r C3 2 2016r  
 Julie Kemp  (Kemp Creations)  Laura Hunt  (Lolly Bou Creations)  


CLASS 4 Beauty (Teddy Bear) and the Beast – either character up to 16” – dressed and accessorized
C4 1 2016r C4 2 2016r  
 Lesley Sutton  Iveta Rakova  


CLASS 5 Miniature Teddy Bear, dressed and accessorized - up to 6”
C5 1 2016r C5 2 2016r C5 3 2016r
 Iveta Rakova  (Bears Lovely Family)  Jan Aldogan  (Jans Tiddy Bears)

 Samantha Salter-Rafferty (Out Of The Woods)


CLASS 6 Realistic Bear up to 20” (excluding sloth bears, pandas, koalas)
 Entries Were "Not As Schedule" 


CLASS 7 “Jive Talking” Mohair/Alpaca Teddy Bear, dress and accessorized- up to 14”
This Class Was UnderSubscribed  


CLASS 8 Novice Class – Artistic interpretation of a Panda, undressed, up to 10”
C8 1 2016r C8 2 2016r  
 Valli Shaughnessy  (Nyxy Nook)  Karen Blake  


CLASS 9 Steam Punk inspired Teddy Bear, dressed and accessorized, up to 14”
C9 1 2016r C9 2 2016r C9 3 2016r
 Gill Cattroll (Bowerbird Bears)  Jo Legg  (Jo Mo's)  Lesley Sutton


CLASS 10 Artistic representation of an Owl, dress and accessories can be incorporated, up to 12” – the entire class proceeds will be donated to Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre.
C10 1 2016r C10 2 2016r C10 3 2016r
 Hayley Walker (Little Piggies)  Gabi Szita  (By Sieve)  Lesley Sutton


C10 1 2016r    
 Hayley Walker (Little Piggies)    
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