Thank you to everyone who participated in this years prestigious ITBAA.

The Results are as follows
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CLASS 1  This class calls for a bear made in the 1940/50s style.  It gives an opportunity for both experienced bear artists and those wishing to dip a toe into competition using low cost, probably recycled fabrics.  Mohair is not allowed.  The bear should be between 15cm – 25cm in height and not dressed or accessorized.
class1 1st 2012 class1 2nd 2012 
Sue Munden Rebecca Lewis



CLASS 2  A butterfly bear dressed and/or accessorized  20 – 25cm in height.
class2 1st 2012 class2 nd 2012 class2 3rd 2012
Katherine Uphill Sue Elgie Sue Munden


CLASS 3  A bear depicting an elderly man at least seventy years old dressed and/or accessorized 20cm – 25cm in height.
class3 1st 2012 class3 2nd 2012 class3 3rd 2012
Jana  Masarikova Karyn Ford Lisa Young


CLASS 4  A miniature Bear 10cm in height or less dressed and/or accessorized.
class4 1st 2012 class4 2nd 2012 class4 3rd 2012
Natascha Sabo Lisa Young April Yelland



CLASS 5  An undressed traditional style bear 25cm- 30cm in height.  No accessories.(This Class Was Sponsored by Aberdeenshire County Council, in association with Glendaveny Teddy Bears)

class5 1st 2012 class5 2nd 2012 class5 3rd 2012
Kiyomi Elworthy Rebecca Lewis Elizabeth Drake


CLASS 6     First time competitors only (For artists who have never entered any teddy bear competition) A bear 15cm – 20cm in height.  Dressed as a jockey
class6 1st 2012


CLASS 7  Teddy bear friend – Minimum size 15cm in height
class7 1st 2012 class7 2nd 2012 class7 3rd 2012
Jean & Bill Ashburner Hayley Walker Jana Masarikova


CLASS 8    An Olympic bear approximately 20cm in height taking part in the sport of your choice and dressed in the country’s colours of your choice.
class8 1st 2012
Sayumi Koizumi


CLASS 9  A bear representing the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 dressed and accessorized 30cm in height.
class9 1st 2012 class9 2nd 2012 class9 3rd 2012
Jacqui Wickenden Debbie Remelie Jana Masarikova



CLASS 10  A panda 30cm – 40cm in height.
class10 1st 2012 class10 2nd 2012 class10 3rd 2012
Tilly Storr Jean & Bill Ashburner Gloria Chan



BIS 2012
Jana Masarikova






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